Carpet Repairs

Is it time to consider carpet repairs?  Carpeting is a popular flooring in most Twin Cities homes and over time it can show wear-and-tear. Instead of replacing your carpet, many times we can do simple carpet repairs and have it looking as good as new. When done correctly, carpet repairs eradicate the damaged area with minimal or no evidence.

Carpet Repair Services

Call Minnesota Cleaning and Restoration for all your carpet repairs and cleaning needs. We repair all kinds of carpet issues. To start, we will inspect the condition of the damaged carpet and carpet backing to determine what size of carpet repairs will be needed. Sometimes the repair needs to be larger, due to damage of the carpet backing. Our professional technicians are highly trained to assess the damage and give you an accurate assessment of the full repair.

Sometimes, carpet repairs are a better choice than buying new carpet. Remnants from the installation of the carpet make the carpet repair job a little easier. If no remnants can be found, our technicians are professionally trained in how to troubleshoot that issue. If you find the patched carpet looks brighter, it is because the remnant used to repair the carpet may have come from a low-traffic area. A simple overall carpet cleaning can correct this problem. Once the carpet repair is done and cleaned, your carpet will look and feel new again.

Carpet Seam Damage

A well-maintained carpet will usually last homeowners between 8-10 years. However, your carpet may experience some damage during ownership. This is completely normal and something that a professional can easily remedy. One type of carpet damage that you may encounter is seam damage. Seam damages are very common carpet repairs our technicians can do. If your carpet seams have substantial damage, we will remove the damaged seams and replace it with new ones. Our carpet repairs are both seamless and professionally implemented. Your guests will not ever know that you had your carpeting repaired.

About Us

When you are looking to hire a professional for carpet repairs, it is important to know as much as possible. Minnesota Cleaning and Restoration delivers top-notch services to the Twin Cities area every day. We pride ourselves on our skilled technicians, professionalism, and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right the first time around. You can count on Minnesota Cleaning and Restoration to expertly fix, repair, stretch or patch any carpet problem in your home.

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