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water damage restoration - minneapolis, mnContacting Minnesota Cleaning and Restoration means that you will get exceptional customer service in your home or business. We offer 24/7 water damage restoration and will work with your schedule in order to get the job completed. Our staff will answer as many questions as you have before giving an estimate for services.

If you have water damage, it is important to remove it as soon as possible because it can make a huge mess. Even if it’s clean water from a supply line, water can cause significant damage to your property. Groundwater and sewage bring the added risk of microbial and bacterial contaminants. The longer water sits, the more water damage it will cause. While you can clean up and dry water damage on your own, there a number of benefits to hiring a professional water damage restoration company. Professional cleaning will stop mold and mildew from growing. Mold and mildew can cause health issues for those who are in the building. Water damage can also change the appearance of the flooring or the walls, making it appear as though it’s wrinkled or buckled. This can result in money spent on a remodeling project if the water isn’t removed quickly and properly.

Our company only uses highly qualified technicians who have been trained in water damage restoration. They only use superior equipment to remove water and dry the
area. From moisture meters to air movers, we have the proper equipment to ensure the fastest extraction and dry out time. Workers will explain the work that is done before beginning. With our training, experience, and equipment, our technicians will ensure nothing is overlooked. You may think the job is complete once the standing water is gone. However, the area still needs to be dried, disinfected, and deodorized. One of the biggest mistake’s property owners make, is underestimating the extent of their water damage. While you may think you can see all the damage, water can flow through tiny cracks and crevices. In some cases, it can even go through solid materials like drywall, wood, and flooring. You can trust that our technicians have the training and skillset to make sure nothing is missed. Our technicians will follow the water from the source and identify all affected areas. Once we have determined the extent of the damage, we will explain to you exactly what needs to happen and make sure you understand the process. We also use safe products when cleaning to ensure that they do not damage any furnishings. We take the utmost care in restoring your home and belongings to their original condition.

water damage restoration - minneapolis, mnWhen you speak to the staff at Minnesota Cleaning and Restoration, you are greeted like a member of the family. We will talk to you about the water damage and try to get an idea as to what you might expect in terms of the job and the price. Our company will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with your restoration services.

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